Tampa Internatinal Airport_Airside C

Built Area_12,000 SF

The Airside C renovation project consisted of refurbishing and expanding the airside’s north and south restrooms and renovating the Southwest offices displaced by the expansion. The goal was to provide a design that enhanced the passenger experience and comfort, improved maintenance operations, and elevated the overall appearance, complementing the airside’s existing architecture.

By evaluating existing conditions and performing in-depth data analysis of passenger flows and peak flight times, we were able to accommodate an efficient layout of a highly complex infrastructural project with adequate facilities that met and exceeded the Airside’s current needs.

Through the data analysis process, the team discovered a more efficient design layout, which simply added a second entrance to the north restrooms and eliminated the need for a $2 million dollar annex expansion meant to house the Southwest offices, greatly benefiting the Client and the overall project approach.

Influenced by the facility’s existing contemporary architecture, originally designed by Alfonso Architects, we focused on integrating a hospitality-like atmosphere through the use of materiality and lighting. Other functional upgrades include larger stalls for passengers traveling with luggage, efficient changing stations, individual family rooms, mother’s rooms, and vanity areas.

This project recently received the Cintas “America’s Best Restroom Award” for 2022.