St. Petersburg, Florida

Site Area_9,830 SF
Built Area_4,000 SF

Initially built in 1956 as a warehouse and converted over the years from an industrial shop to a furniture storage facility, among several other establishments, the building now serves as an office and workshop for a local construction company.

The structure was repurposed to create a simple and clean, open-concept office setting to foster a collaborative environment. It was important to utilize the structure’s existing features such as the open roof joists, polished concrete floor, steel columns, and exposed block walls to preserve the original character of the building. The program was organized around a centralized 21-foot concrete and wood island that serves as storage for blue prints and the central meeting space for its employees and clients.





01 Entrance Lobby

02 War Room

03 Communal Work Area

04 Private Office Conference Room

05 Kitchen

06 Mechanical Room

07 Restroom

08 Shower Room

09 Telephone Room

10 Workshop

11 Front Patio